Capitalist Fatuity

21st Century Addiction to the Fix Being In

Disagreement is not an option (illustrations by Mr Fish, used by permission).

Disagreement is not an option (illustrations by Mr Fish, used by permission).

The rigging of black and open markets in the addiction industry has never been as entrenched or as flawed at the same time as at present. It feeds on annihilation and alienation oblivious to the reality it stalks, kills, and rapaciously consumes. Being human and humane as homo sapiens somehow moved beyond our very ken as such, at least in moral and rational community.[i]  

A minuscule and anonymous elite cabal rules the world through a 1% rapacious oligarchy and praetorian corporatocracy. The other 99% of us are the raw human resources externalized and exploited to death by that cabal and its minions. The top 9% of tht 99% form a fatuous aristocratic buffer between cabalistic corporatocracy and the vast underclass majority beneath them. Underclass suppression, repression, control, and rule are on the verge of more extinction-level-event facts in reality than they and their rulers know (or will openly confess, with apology). Both Kuhnian scientific and cultural revolutions are horrifically AWOL from the front of engagement.[ii]

Nonviolent rebellion is the only remaining freedom at hand. The horizon of the black hole of capitalist fatuity and futility has been crossed. It was a Rubicon into Anthropocene extinction (AX) and we are sleepwalking into catastrophe, already gone all-in for a global suicide pact. We must not fight tyranny expecting to win, we must fight tyranny because it is tyranny; because tyrants and dilettante aristocracy both must acknowledge that true nobility lies in the genetic and memetic reality of nonviolent rebellion.

Retribution is another matter. Justly carried out, isolation in exile seems an ethically right and  morally good penalty for tyranny. Done properly, in relatively comfortable solitude, but without human contact unless initiated by those other than the tyrant, and under severe restriction and with full spectrum monitoring. Hope dies; action begins.    

Stoic nonviolent courage is now the lifeblood of the only moral road to peaceful rebellion, and it flows in undercurrents of the good drawing the good. By apocalyptic ecocidal annihilation or by Christian Apocalyptic tribulation, or both, an End is coming. Still, we willfully deny or ignore its signs even as its reality is increasingly irrefutable and irreversible, as imminent as a minute, as irrefutable as it is inconceivable.   

Our false hope, blithe indifference, blind fear, raging anger, ephemeral love, and nihilistic hate are semiotically engineered as the realism we believe to be reality that’s true. What cowering fools we are to be bought in, sold out, held captive and enslaved to serve such infixed tyranny!


[i] On statistical evidence, relevance, and rationality, I no longer speak for dogmatic advocates of the Bayesian Way. Instead, I stand on the probabilistic causal scientific realism from (Fetzer 1981) and Peircean pragmaticism more generally (especially phaneroscopy and cenoscopy).

[ii] Trust between aristocrats and their cabalistic patrons is a non-issue: patronage is simply an effete sign of brutal efficacy in bringing about opaque enslavement to tyrannous powers. Between aristocrats and the underclass they transcend, idolatry is currency and deceit the coin of the realm. Traitors to capitalist tyranny are subject to instant termination by rulers, used for show-and-tell control or disappeared with extreme prejudice by extraordinary rendition. 21st-century aristocracy is likely to be the worst possible status in the face of rebellion: stalked and hunted prey on one hand and deeply entrenched hatred at the other. A human and humane aristocracy must choose sides, betray neither, yet be an arbiter of what is and is not trustworthy. Aristocratic dereliction of class and human dignity chooses tyranny and seals its own doom. Aristocratic character is the choice to side with the oppressed – not just in case, but all-in whatever the case.