Making Ends Meet

The Permanent Lie of Capitalism v. Socialism



Logically, Socialism v. Capitalism is a false dilemma. As cultural memes, they are diametrically opposed political paradigms at the polar extremes of a spectrum of governance and polity. Yet in reality beneath that social fabric and fabrication, each one rests upon a social contract (or lack thereof) and its ethical ground and moral foundation (or lack thereof). Despite all the noise and appearances to the contrary, political, cultural, economic, social, and other tensions, conflicts, strife, and enmity between capitalists and socialists in 21st century reality are rarely or never about ethical grounds and moral foundations.

The primary purpose of this bogus ideological Maginot Line is hidden, as it serves the political interests and aspirations of both sides equally well. Beneath the public bellicosity and pitched battles between them, each of them, throughout most of political history, has become a permanent lie concealing the underlying truth of totalitarian reality.

The Prince of Evil, the Ruler of this World, knows his reign is coming to an end. That is not a Christian-only statement. There is a ‘prince’ of evil who is ‘ruler’ of reality in our world and his ‘name’ is fascist capitalism. In its Christian sense, the opening sentence of this paragraph is clearly stated in Scripture. All theism aside, fascist capitalism is the reigning vicious cycle of wealth and power and the vile and evil maxim of “all for me none for you” in unrestrained rapacity on Earth today. The USAmerican reality v. myth dynamic is simply illustrated:

The Reality and Myth of USAmerican Fascist Capitalism

The Reality and Myth of USAmerican Fascist Capitalism

Hell hath no fury like Mother Nature scorned. Fascist Capitalism started ravaging her at least 200 years ago if not much further back into misnamed sentient and sapient human history. Throughout the 1900s, especially in post-WWII years, the brutal abuse expanded exponentially and intensified beyond tolerance, as nations queued up for their turns at her. Facing self-inflicted global suicide, the 0.00…1% cabal of philosophical zombies is now sleepwalking into catastrophe, while growing numbers of their like empty-minded automata awaken to Mother Nature’s reality. The ultra-elite fascist capitalist cabal dreams and wet dreams day and night, fueled by fatuous futility, oblivious to two increasingly self-evident truths: #1, the universe — where Mother Nature is the lawmaker — is and always has been totally aware and conscious of our being and presence; #2, she has a perfectly tuned moral compass and a flawlessly ethical bearing under those laws that human being and presence on Earth have violated with unfettered abandon and intentional malice for a very long time.(1)

USAmerican Fascist Capitalism isn’t the first fascism in human history. It just took USAmerican capitalism to be the first to secure global fascist reach and grasp, search and destroy, with overwhelming shock and awe. Evidence mounts by the hour that it will be the last ever, however. An ecocidal and genocidal force majeure unto itself, it's rabid insanity knows no bounds.

Socialism has its own equally blackened heart of fascism as a precursor to the USAmerican brand:

The Reality and Myth of Soviet Socialist Fascism

The Reality and Myth of Soviet Socialist Fascism

Nazi Fascism is another nefariously infamous example, which turns out, as a matter of historical fact, to have been covertly sown and reaped by capitalist cabals in all the nations involved in WWII:

The Reality and Myth of Third Reich Fascism

The Reality and Myth of Third Reich Fascism

The most vitally important element of the three diagrams above is the small ‘S-curve’ in the middle of the two-headed arrow between Good and Evil. In that twist of the path between the opposites, human will and intention may go unethically and amorally awry into Evil or rationally and righteously for the Good. Bent on evil, the dark path is a slippery slope into the black-hole pit of an inverted bell (‘well’) curve. In the sort of extreme Fascist Capitalism suffusing 21st century reality on Earth today, the trail back to the S-curve is either lost or deliberately barricaded. The ideological seduction into Fascist Capitalism takes many forms, with such delusions as, ‘The lesser evil for the greater good,” which is pandemic in Western utilitarianism and pragmatism that pass for ethics and morality since Industrial Revolution began two centuries ago,(2)

‘Capitalism v. Socialism’ is semiotically engineered cognitive dissonance exploited by fascists to imprint reflexive mass behaviors and individual ideas and emotions purely for capital profit and gain. The intents, purposes, and ends thus served are the vile maxim and vicious cycle ensuring tyrannous concentration of power, wealth, rule, and control in the 0.00…1% oligarchic cabal of Evil kleptocrats ripping it from Nature, Earth, and everything they provided for the Good of humankind. The ethical ground and moral foundation is apolitical in that sense:

  • Good is benevolent, philanthropic, altruistic, resonant, harmonious, relational, and communal.

  • Evil is malevolent, misanthropic, rapacious, dissonant, discordant, divisive, and disintegrated.

Fascism is Evil. Fascist Capitalism and Fascist Socialism are Evil twins. Either or both could be (or truly, once could have been) Good. But humankind has already raped Mother Nature beyond any tipping point of no return or hope of redemption. Secular rapists of Nature or feral enemies of Christ, it’s all the same. Evil by any political name is a permanent lie we’d all rather believe than face 21st century truth and reality. The sixth mass — this time Anthropocene, i.e., human-caused — extinction already has us in its death grip and we literally have Hell to pay for our sins against Nature, ourselves, Christ, or all three.

P. S. An Extinction Rebellion podcast directly relevant to this posts’s topic.


(1) The laws of nature are universal empirical facts of reality and life. #1 and #2 are rapidly evolving scientific hypotheses, becoming increasingly desirable if not indispensable for rationally realistic cosmology. This post assumes both their scientific veracity.and their Christian reality.

(2) Every normal distribution bell curve and its abnormal inverted well curve consists of a pair of reverse-image S-curves. Left to right, a normal distribution bell curve shows rise and fall, which the change in the slopes of the curves clearly depict. An abnormal well curve distribution, by contrast, express a fall and rise from left to right. The Adizes Corporate Lifecycle is normal distribution bell-curve model of ‘Good’ growth and prosperity emerging, rising, peaking, falling, and declining into self-destruction. When the initial and precipitating conditions of that ‘Good’ growth are displaced or subverted by ‘Evil’ Fascist Capitalism, the entire curve is inverted in to the abnormal well-curve distribution. What had been growth and prosperity become concentration of wealth, power, rule, and control in the hands of the 0.00...1% few at the expense of the 99.99…% of Earth’s biomass and all non-living resources as well. The tyranny is absolute in the pit of that well, and climbing back up and out, desperate for a do-over is an apocalyptic death march. Humanity en masse embraces the ‘Good’ growth-and-prosperity permanent lie of Fascist capitalism. In truth and reality, the rape of Mother Nature the rapacious pillaging of her resources continues … a sleepwalk into catastrophe under a global suicide pact (World Economic Forum, i.e., WEF: Global Risk Report 2019, p. 15; UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, “Opening Remarks,” 2011).

Triadic Sortition?

Random Thoughts on a Viable XR Citizens’ Assembly



Random selection won't do, at lest not initially. In all honesty, through no real fault of their own, the citizenry at large is too ill-informed and contentious on the reality of the Anthropocene Extinction (AX) to deal with the Extinction Rebellion’s Citizen Assembly (XR-CA) roles and responsibilities rationally and univocally in confronting and engaging the oligarchy and corporatocracy of the fascist capitalism that must be overcome if humanity is to survive. Sad, but true. If we survive, those delusions and divisions may be overcome over time, but not in time to deal with the ongoing AX event.

As Roger Hallam suggests, however, some form of sortition is most promising. But the initial selections cannot be random. The scientific community within the XR, combined with prominent XR advocates and speakers like Hallam himself, ought to be the first 'pool' of Assembly candidates from which to draw the dozen members of the Assembly. But that alone won't do -- there must be some way to engage vox populi directly, in real-time, with a dozen drawn by lot from those key XR communities.(1)

Perhaps the best way to do this, while protecting the identities and privacy of individual citizens, is to set up a channel/group in the deep web, where those conditions are currently state-of-the-(clandestine)-art. The dark web may even be needed as well, if civil disobedience -- as deliberate breaking of the law -- is to be discussed, acted upon, and carried out. Nonviolent dissident action need not go above the deep web to the surface web or below to the dark web. The surface web should be almost entirely set aside for CA purposes. It's a global circus and carnival, teeming with noise lacking meaningful signal 99.99 ...% of the time. At most, a live-streamed channel of all gatherings and meetings of the Citizen's Assembly with the representatives of the actual members of the ultra-elite oligarchy should be broadcast on a surface web youtube or other free public channel (administered by deep and dark web XR staff).

As a 21st century XR coordinator and career technocrat, this strikes me as a plausible way to put up a Citizen's Assembly in three layers of communication that might actually work: from vox populi deep and dark through an assembly of a dozen XR spokespersons to the power and wealth regime who got us into this global suicide pact and have kept us sleepwalking into catastrophe for at least 30 years.

Local XR chapters could assist the citizenry in adapting to the deep and dark web apps in a TOR browser. This is about as close to live-streaming democracy as we may hope to get on current public tech. Two tactical issues: (1) who are the root and other system techs running the deep and dark internet of things for the citizenry? And, (2) how are fascist capitalists to be involved? For (2), each should have a voice boiling down to a vote just like very other citizen. But no more, no less. For (1), I confess I'm not sure how that could be secured from any and all human corruption and malware injections. My technosterone levels were never that high as a technocrat, and it has been draining away lately. but If there are any TOR and deep and dark web gurus in the XR community, I would look to them for guidance in implementing this three-layered sortition model sooner than later.(2)

In closing, finally, this must also be said. While presumably entirely fictitious, consider the sort of rebellion seen in such tech-fantasy as the Mr. Robot miniseries. The idea of having a black-ops elite cadre of super-hackers turning the world of fascist capitalism inside-out and upside-down is intriguing. Should events and actions of such kind be in the XR’s battle plan and technology arsenal? It goes beyond ‘mere’ civil disobedience, yes, and cases such as Julian Assange’s and Edward Snowden’s are public examples of deterrents, showing just how severe the consequences of such actions are.

What does ‘civil disobedience’ even mean, legally speaking (e.g., under the PATRIOT ACT), when laws are broken without compunction or consequence or they are simply superseded or suspended by fascist capitalist exigency? If dark web XR activism could nonviolently bring the World Bank, SWIFT, the IBS, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, etc. to their knees just one day a month for only a few seconds, the vile maxim and vicious cycle of power and wealth would be broken. It would be up to the Citizen’s Assembly to determine just how long and how severe those take-downs would need to be to seize full control of that power and wealth. Or until the instant extinction event of global WMD warfare is triggered to neutralize that power grab with extreme prejudice.

** CAVEAT: I'm brainstorming here. It's an out-of-the-box idea on how to envision Citizens' Assembly both operationally real and true to the XR declarations and demands at the same time, by leveraging resources that we have on hand already. I suspect the human problem is the more difficult ... my limited experience with the deep web, and I have none on the dark side (yet), seems to imply this may be a fairly straightforward model to implement on current tech. **


(1) A dozen is the right number. Like a jury, unanimity would be required. Like a hung jury, anything less than a unanimous verdict would rely on vox populi interaction to drive toward a unanimous verdict.

(2) Tactical question #(2) begs the question of what manner of containment should be imposed on the most egregious ecocidal capitalist and war criminals. I have some thoughts on this, but I would have to be talked down from my sadistic inclinations to share them. Despite being a Christian, mercy and grace for those vile sinners do not come easily to heart, soul, or mind for me. Dwayne Booth’s cartoon above, DOLLAR SIGN, seems to illustrate a fitting penance.