Fractal Palindromnia

On the epistemology of semiotic fractal resonance and dissonance in narraphorical rhyme

We, as if reason harmonized or accord gained
Ever without faith subliminal; somnamublate ambiance  
Belief hung threadbare naked one together
Being still Imperial human as any and all but dead. 

Wee folk
Find Godway alone our own
Freely soaring faith we disavow
insubstantial wake of belief
Signifying ourselves senseless, daring ourselves stupid
Uplifting dusty drafty dissonant ash contraband
Semiotic poison dry brewed flashbite high proof in hand
Just the tipping mass waft veering overboard

as diversion hasn’t been isn’t now or ever then
wouldn’t be essential necessary lethal adversary
freely end to end in all for all as kin

causal casual spontaneous and targeted semiotic combustion

our thinking doing being was, is or ever will be
our here now knowledge understanding wisdom;
rather, more meaning, relevance, presence
balance in chaotic presumption
murder by accident somalife chimeric sense being
on happen far away too always, all ways

we noose Will With nanoflip picoswitch ahead already.

As If Free Hope, True Conviction, Sound Wisdom
assure ever after we Master ourselves